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Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (MINC) Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (MINC)
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March 2, 2015
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MINCPress Releases
MINC Announces that its website is now available in the Arabic Language. Read MINC in Arabic. ...

Monday - June 30 - 2008
ICANN Board of Directors Adopts Two NEW Resolutions on IDNs in direct response to MINC Chairman and ...

Friday - June 29 - 2007
MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal issues a challenge to the ICANN board of directors during the ...

Thursday - June 28 - 2007
The World, a co-production of the BBC World Service, PRI and WGBH Boston, Airs a report on IDNs ...

Tuesday - June 26 - 2007
MINC NomCom Call for Nominations for Candidates to the MINC Board of Directors

Tuesday - June 5 - 2007
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Sunday - June 3 - 2007
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MINCIn The Press
The World, a co-production of the BBC World Service,PRI and WGBH Boston, Airs a report on IDNs ...

Tuesday - June 26 - 2007 - No consensus over .xxx at ICANN public forum

Friday - March 30 - 2007
The Guardian, UK - Divided by a common language

Thursday - July 27 - 2006
The Wall Street Journal - In Threat to Internet’s Clout, Some Are Starting Alternatives

Tuesday - January 31 - 2006
The - Bush administration control will cause net to split

Monday - December 5 - 2005
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The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium is a non-profit, non-governmental, international organization. It focuses on developing and promoting a truly multilingual Internet domain names and keywords, internationalization of Internet names standards and protocols, technical coordination and liaison with other international bodies. It has organizational and individual members from all continents of the world, from industry, academia, research, government, investors and international organizations. If you are interested in making the Internet a level playing field for all languages and their respective people of the world, you should Join!

"Multilingualization is an exercise for the betterment of humanity with a moral sense of purpose. We champion the needs of the citizen of the global community to be able to access the Internet in his own native language. we don't treat the local citizen only as a consumer. Once he is given the opportunity to access information across language barriers he becomes a more inclusive and enlightened citizen, and a consumer of all things especially information and knowledge. These are some of the great benefits that Multilingualization will deliver."

Khaled Fattal, Chairman & CEO, MINC
Coming seismic changes to the global Internet and The Birth of the Multilingual Internet Ecosystem: Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group) announces Summit series in emerging markets to help local communities and organisations be prepared

Wednesday - September 4 - 2013

The Trademark Clearinghouse Protecting Brands and Trademark owners online locally and internationally in the new gTLDs era Goes Live

Tuesday - March 26 - 2013

ICANN announces IDN Variant TLD Program – Conclusion of Third Phase

Thursday - March 21 - 2013

MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal participates in WCIT and witnesses its conclusion in Dubai as 89 countries sign the updated International Telecommunication Regulations

Friday - December 14 - 2012

MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal welcomes New ICANN President and CEO Fadi Shehade by asking: Has Real "Change" Come to ICANN? (How to Repair Trust Part I.5)

Monday - October 15 - 2012

ICANN will reveal to the public, today at 12pm UTC, all applications it has received for new gTLD application. Click to watch the event online

Wednesday - June 13 - 2012

Multilingual Internet Group to investigate internet-usability for the next billion netizens

Tuesday - May 15 - 2012

ICANN Announces a New gTLDs Update as Applications are Accepted and a New Guidebook Posted with Financial Assistance for Qualifying Applicants

Wednesday - January 11 - 2012

WebSynergys and The Multilingual Internet Group Announce the Launch of their World Tour on “New gTLDs: Towards a Global Multilingual Internet”.

Tuesday - September 27 - 2011

ICANN announces latest version of New gTLD Applicant Guidebook 2011 Sept 19 September 2011

Monday - September 19 - 2011

US Laws Remain Set To Govern The Coming Multilingual Internet thru ICANN's New gTLDs As ICANN Publishes Its Last Applicant Guidebook For Its Board Consideration

Wednesday - June 1 - 2011

Kaspersky Calls for an Internet Internpol… Cybercrime Now Second Largest Criminal Activity Raises Serious Questions About Current Internet Governance Format or Lack Of.

Friday - May 20 - 2011

MINC and Multilingual Group Chairman Khaled Fattal sends a letter to GAC Chairperson Heather Dryden and ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate-Thrush and Mr. Rod Beckstrom, President and CEO calling for GAC - ICANN Board Brussels meeting February 28 – March 1, 2011 agenda to include the matter of US laws, OFAC and SDN list screening all applicants for New gTLDs and IDN gTLDs.

Friday - February 18 - 2011

Egypt's Internet Blocked. MINC, Ankabooot and Multilingual Internet Group Chairman Khaled Fattal, Calls on his decade long friend Tarek Kamel, Egypt's Minister of ICT to Unblock It and Join His People in their Revolt to Salvage Egypt and His Reputation.

Friday - January 28 - 2011

ICANN Board of Directors and its Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) Set to Meet to Resolve their Gaping Differences and addressing US Laws, OFAC and SDN lists in New gTLDs. Read more and MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal's Statement.

Sunday - January 23 - 2011

MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal sends a letter to ICANN warning of consequences of invoking only US laws to govern the New gTLDs & IDN gTLDs and that the risk of breaking the single root appears to come from ICANN itself. Read more.

Monday - December 20 - 2010

Mr. Lawrence E. Strickling, US Assistant Secretary for Communication sends a letter to ICANN Criticizing its Performance per the Affirmation of Commitments (AOC) Between the Two Parties. Read more and Chairman Khaled Fattal letter.

Wednesday - December 15 - 2010

ICANN replaces "Terrorism" with US laws and the US Treasury's OFAC and SDN list to screen all applicants for new gTLDs and IDN gTLDs. Read Chairman Khaled Fattal's Cartegena public intervention.

Monday - December 13 - 2010

ICANN Leads a Coalition in Opposing a Government U.N. Advisory Committee to Internet Governance Forum Claiming it Threatens the Multi-Stakeholder Model of Internet Governance. Read MIINC's Position.

Saturday - December 11 - 2010

ICANN Board of Directors drops "Terrorism " from New gTLD guidebook in a positive response to Group Chairman Khaled Fattal's July 19, 2010 letter to ICANN Chiefs and Board which was highly critical of this poorly thought out new direction. Read more.

Tuesday - September 28 - 2010

Arabic Internet to become a Securely-Certified Internet with the Launch of ArabicSSL™ Certificates, as announced by MINC and ArabicSSL chairman Khaled Fattal on the ArabicSSL website. Click for more information and to read the press release in English and Arabic or to follow the press coverage to date

Tuesday - August 10 - 2010

MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal sends a concerned formal letter to ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush and President & CEO Rod Beckstrom on ICANN's Alarming New Direction of Terrorisms Verification without standard or definition in the New gTLDs. Click to read the letter

Friday - July 16 - 2010

Published article by MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal on ICANN, Terrorism, New gTLDs, DAG4, and ICANN's Continued US and Western Centric Bias. Read more.

Monday - June 28 - 2010

ICANN announces the 4th draft guidebook, called DAG4, for the new gTLDs with a public comment period, click to read more

Tuesday - June 15 - 2010

Russia launches Cyrillic top-level domain. Medvedev applauds президент.рф. Read more.

Saturday - May 15 - 2010

Worldwide web goes truly global with Arabic, Middle eastern nations are rapidly expanding their internet usage so more and more content is in the national language . Read The GulfNews Report.

Monday - May 10 - 2010

ICANN Board votes exactly as MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal predicted the day before in his letter on Circle ID pertaining to the Expression of Interest (EOI) and the .XXX Adult gTLD. Read more.

Saturday - March 13 - 2010

MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal Warns that ICANN's Board Decisions in Nairobi Will Determine Its Credibility and Respect for Years to Come and Predicts ICANN's decision on The Expression of Interest for the New gTLDs and the .XXX Fiasco. Read more.

Thursday - March 11 - 2010

MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal sends a statement to ICANN on its Expression of Interest (EOI) on the New gTLDs warning that the process must be equitable, fair, and ubiquitous to all its stakeholders from Akron to Afghanistan, from DC to Damascus, from Beijing to Bangalore, and delivering on its Affirmation of Commitments mandate with the US Government. Click to read the full statement.

Tuesday - January 26 - 2010

The Birth and Launch of Ankabooot, The First Multilingual Global Social Network To Break The Language Barrier, Was Announced By MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal At The United Nations Internet Governance Forum, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Wednesday - November 18 - 2009

MINC issues a Press Release about MINC chairman's letter to ICANN regarding ICANN seceding from the U.S. Government, the “Affirmation Of Commitments”, and his calls on ICANN to create a new ICANN Supporting Organization named "The Internationalized Domain Names Supporting Organization", “IDNSO”, citing numerous examples and challenges ahead that render this action unavoidable. Click to Read The Press Release in English or in Arabic.

Thursday - October 15 - 2009

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal sends an open letter to ICANN President and CEO Mr. Rod Beckstrom, ICANN Chairman Mr. Peter Dengate-Thrush, GAC Chairman Mr. Janis Karklins on ICANN’s seceding from U.S. Government, the new Affirmation Of Commitments agreement, and ICANN’s need to create a new ICANN Supporting Organization named "the Internationalized Domain Names Supporting Organization", “IDNSO”, in preparation and prior to launching the new IDN gTLDs, due to ICANN's continued failures on Internationalized Domain Names “IDN". Read more.

Thursday - October 15 - 2009

ICANN secedes from the US Government and the JPA under the new permanent agreement “The Affirmation Of Commitments”. Read the full announcement and the initial statement by MINC's Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal

Thursday - October 1 - 2009

Public Interest Groups object to ICANN's treatment of civil society and the Internet users that are not commercial. They also called on ICANN's new President Rod Beckstrom to intervene. Will he intervene? Can he act? Click to read their letter and the statement of support from MINC.

Saturday - September 5 - 2009

US Congress rebukes ICANN’s assertion that it had achieved sufficient accountability and professional stature to justify termination of its unique relationship with the U.S. government. Download The Congressional Statement. Read More.

Wednesday - August 5 - 2009

ICANN's road show to appease concerns of the Intellectual Property community and Trademark owners when the New gTLDs and IDN gTLDs are rolled out started in New York and London this week. Next, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi to outreach. Click and read more about the participants' concerns and MINC's grave concerns on IP, Trademarks vis a vis IDNs.

Thursday - July 16 - 2009

Click To Read MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal's Letter and Recommendations In The English And Arabic Languages To The US Government's NTIA Regarding ICANN And The JPA.

Wednesday - June 10 - 2009

The US Government's National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) Publishes letters And Recommendations It Received On What to Do With ICANN When Their Joint Project Agreement (JPA) Expires September 30, 09. Click To Read all Comments, Including MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal's Letter and Recommendations To The US Government.

Friday - June 5 - 2009

Mrs. Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Information Society and Media, calls for an oversight by the international community to replace the US Government's singular control over ICANN when the ICANN MOU with the US Government (JPA) expires September 09. She also sounded her serious concerns over ICANN's and US's monopolistic stance echoing MINC Chairman and CEO, Khaled Fattal's repeated interventions at the United Nations conferences of WSIS, WGIG, IGF, as well as at ICANN Conferences over the years. Click to view Mrs Reding's Video and read Chairman Fattal's Statement.

Tuesday - May 5 - 2009

The US Government's National Telecommunications and Information Administration ( NTIA) Announces it is Seeking Feedback from the Internet Community on ICANN's Progress and about its MOU with ICANN which expires September 09 in what Could Become a Contentious Review about ICANN's Performance.

Friday - April 24 - 2009

ICANN's President and CEO Paul Twomey Announces his Departure During the ICANN Mexico city Meeting.

Tuesday - March 3 - 2009

MINC Attends The United Nations IGF Consultations in Geneva Feb 23-24 2009. MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal Raises Concerns on Lack of Debates on The JPA's Pending Expiration and Other Governance Issues. Read more

Tuesday - February 24 - 2009

Some of the International Press coverage is highly critical of ICANN's plan for new gTLDs . The coverage reflects the negative comments received by ICANN on its plans for new gTLDs. Read some of the articles by world renowned publications in many languages like the the BBC.

Wednesday - December 24 - 2008

ICANN's New gTLD Plan receives severe criticism from the global Internet community but especially and surprisingly from the United States Government's Department of Commerce. Read more.

Saturday - December 20 - 2008

ICANN to open the floodgates for new gTLDs and announces a Draft Guidebook. Significant concerns were raised by the global Internet community including by MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal and Ms Emily Taylor of Nominet. Read the Draft Guidebook in English and Arabic and the comments raised about it.

Monday - November 10 - 2008

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal joins the ICANN Washington DC consultations at the National Press Club on Globally Improving Institutional Confidence (IIC) in the ICANN model on Capture | Accountability | Globalization | Finances | Security and Stability. US control and the .XXX independent review and transparency were strongly raised. Read more.

Friday - October 3 - 2008

New York Times reports the era of the American Internet is ending. Writer John Markoff writes that Internet Traffic has begun to Bypass the U.S. - Read more.

Saturday - August 30 - 2008

MINC Announces that its website is now available in the Arabic Language. Read MINC in Arabic. Arabic Translation Powered and Provided from Live Multilingual Translator.

Monday - June 30 - 2008

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal cautions at the ICANN meeting that its current structure may not succeed in a Multilingual Internet like it did in the English internet if unchanged. He gives an example of how domain names and were being auctioned in Paris for hundreds of thousands of Dollars at the same hotel of the ICANN Paris meeting. Read more.

Sunday - June 29 - 2008

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal congratulates ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush on the newest direction ICANN has adopted under his leadership to undertake major reforms of many of its functions and processes as chairman Fattal had recommended to ICANN and the US Government, but cautions that a lot remains to be addressed.

Saturday - June 28 - 2008

Biggest Expansion of the Internet Approved for Implementation and Announced by ICANN.

Thursday - June 26 - 2008

ICANN Announces that its Global Survey on Multilingualism in ICANN's Work is Now Online.

Tuesday - May 20 - 2008

ICANN acts upon one of MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal's Recommendations of his letter of Feb 15, 2008 to the US Government and ICANN on the JPA. ICANN issues a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an Independent Evaluator for the ICANN Board of Directors. But mysteriously, ICANN decides to give only 14 days for Interested Parties to show their Interest for such an important role.

Monday - April 21 - 2008

ICANN Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush re-aligns ICANN's position from requesting that ICANN be freed from US oversight to accepting the need for a transition from ICANN's US control, as Chairman Fattal had called for in his letter of Feb 15, 2008. Read more.

Friday - February 29 - 2008

MINC Participates in the IGF Consultations at the UN in Geneva. MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal issues a statement reminding all that the primary focus of IGF for the next 18 months must be to help create the transition from US control of the internet towards international community oversight. Read the full statement.

Tuesday - February 26 - 2008

MINC Chairman and CEO Mr Khaled Fattal letter's to the NTIA (U.S. Government) on US Control over the net thru ICANN (the JPA) is now available in Arabic

Thursday - February 21 - 2008

MINC Chairman and CEO Mr Khaled Fattal sends a letter to the NTIA (U.S. Government) on the JPA and ICANN’s chairman letter to release ICANN from US control. Chairman Fattal argues that the misperceptions about ICANN are due to ICANN’s failure to address the needs and aspirations of the International community since 2003 and ICANN is solely responsibility for this. Read more and download the letter.

Friday - February 15 - 2008

NTIA (United States Government) is consulting with interested stakeholders regarding the mid-term review of the Joint Project Agreement (JPA) between the Department and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The Notice of Inquiry (NOI) was published in the Federal Register on November 2, 2007. Comments were due by February 15, 2008. Read More.

Wednesday - February 6 - 2008

ICANN’s new chairman Peter Dungate Thrush sends a letter on Jan 9, 2008 to the NTIA (United states Government) asking that ICANN should be released from US oversight when the JPA expires in 2009. He states that ICANN has fulfilled the milestones per the JPA and that the removal of US oversight will help remove misperceptions about ICANN being managed on day to day basis by the USG. The NTIA is receiving mixed comments on this request. Read more.

Saturday - January 12 - 2008

MINC, the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium, has become aware that misrepresentation by others of our organisation may have taken place. MINC secretariat and its Board wish to announce the following. Read more.

Monday - January 7 - 2008

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal Congratulates Vanda Scartezini on being named Brazil's most influential woman in information and communications technology.

Tuesday - December 11 - 2007

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal sends MINC's warmest congratulations to Former MINC Board Member Nii Quaynor for Receiving the Internet Society’s Jonathan B. Postel Service Award for Pioneering Work to Advance the Internet in Africa.

Friday - December 7 - 2007

ICANN Announces An Important Step Toward the Implementation of IDN Top-Level Domains: New Versions of IDNA Protocol Revision Proposals Posted

Monday - November 26 - 2007

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal attends and participates in The second meeting of the IGF was held in Rio de Janeiro on 12-15 November 2007.

Thursday - November 15 - 2007

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal congratulates Peter Dengate Thrush for been elected unanimously as the new Chairman of the Board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to succeed Dr Vint Cerf.

Saturday - November 3 - 2007

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal reiterates at the ICANN meeting in Los Angeles that the real purpose for IDNs has to be to enable and empower those communities that have been left behind to use the Internet in their own native language as an extension of their right for self determination

Thursday - November 1 - 2007

ICANN Announces the Biggest Change to the Internet. Internet users have key role in testing the operation of example.test in 11 languages

Tuesday - October 9 - 2007

ICANN announces that it finalized the IDN .test Evaluation Plan in its continued steps toward insertion of IDN strings in the root zone. Read more

Thursday - August 23 - 2007

ICANN Board of Directors Adopts Two NEW Resolutions on IDNs in direct response to MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal's challenge of June 28, 2007

Friday - June 29 - 2007

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal issues a challenge to the ICANN board of directors during the ICANN meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico to adopt a resolution that clarifies ICANN’s position and vision on what IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) are meant to achieve and whom they are supposed to serve first and foremost. Read more.

Thursday - June 28 - 2007

The World, a co-production of the BBC World Service, PRI and WGBH Boston, Airs a report on IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) aimed at the US market in anticipation of the ICANN meeting in Puerto Rico. Listen to the Audio report.

Tuesday - June 26 - 2007

Time for multilingual net domains. Internet law professor Michael Geist argues that delays to multilingual domain names are holding back internet diversity. Read the full BBC article

Monday - June 11 - 2007

MINC NomCom Calls for Nominations for Candidates to the MINC Board of Directors

Tuesday - June 5 - 2007

ICANN announces that it is Moving Forward Towards Introduction Of Internationalized Top Level Labels (IDNs) in the DNS

Saturday - June 2 - 2007

ICANN Draft IDN Guidelines, v.2.2 for Public Comments. This is the first version of the IDN Guidelines to make specific reference to IDN in top-level labels. It is anticipated to be amended and supplemented in subsequent drafts in preparation for the release of internationalized top-level labels in the production environment.

Friday - May 11 - 2007

MINC Chairman and CEO Mr. Khaled Fattal’s public comments on the highly controversial ICANN .XXX Adult/Ponography domain application at the open forum March 29, 2007 during the ICANN Lisbon meeting in which he highlights serious flaws in the ICANN processes and mechanisms that authorize new TLDs (Top Level Domains) vis-à-vis IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names). Chairman Fattal alerted the ICANN board that it is conceivable that the Arabic world whose community is still left out of this Internet phenomenon without an Arabic Internet be to have an Arabic Adult / Pornography Internet before they had an Arabic Internet.

Saturday - March 31 - 2007

US Department of Homeland and Security wants master key for DNS

Friday - March 30 - 2007

Karl Auerbach, former ICANN board member speaks his mind on ICANN's history on listening.

Friday - March 30 - 2007

ICANN Bid for Independent Status Gets Cool Reception according to ICANNwatch

Friday - March 30 - 2007

ICANN President and CEO Dr. Paul Twomey's letter to MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal.

Friday - November 17 - 2006

ICANN Announces that Greek and Egyptian Governments Applaud its Move Toward Autonomy

Monday - October 30 - 2006

ICANN Announces it Believes that its new Agreement with the United States Government Means Greater Independence in Managing the Internet's System of Unique Identifiers

Friday - September 29 - 2006

ICANN Announces it Welcomes United States Department of Commerce's Continued Support for Private Sector Leadership of Domain System Coordination

Thursday - September 21 - 2006

US Department of Commerce Executes Contract for Technical Management of the Internet with ICANN

Wednesday - August 16 - 2006

MINC's Initiative to Re-connect the Fragmented Internet publishes an abbreviated version of it's 9th of May 2006 Geneva announced Survey of Independent IDN TLD Deployments for De-Fragmenting the Internet Namespace and a comparative analysis of all known TLD Deployments around the world with recommendations.

Wednesday - July 12 - 2006

MINC International Coordination Mechanism Council (MINC ICMC) leads global effort to halt and reverse Internet fragmentation.

Thursday - May 18 - 2006

MINC Press release of May 18th to halt and reverse the internet fragmentation is now available in French, Arabic, Russian, Korean as well as English

Thursday - May 18 - 2006

Geneva, May 11th, 2006. MINC participates in the ITU-UNESCO Global Symposium held In Geneva on Promoting the Multilingual Internet and Chairman Fattal chairs one of its key sessions.

Thursday - May 11 - 2006

Geneva, February 19th, 2006. MINC attends the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) at the United Nations in Geneva.

Sunday - February 19 - 2006

Geneva, February 18th, 2006. MINC Chairman announces during the IGF meeting at the United Nations, Geneva the formation of the MINC International Coordination Mechanism Council, the “MINC ICMC”.

Saturday - February 18 - 2006

ICANN President and CEO proposes and ICANN Board unanimously approves a motion to set up an ICANN Strategic Advisory Committee by end of Feb 2006.

Monday - December 5 - 2005

MINC Chairman and CEO Khaled Fattal submits an open letter to ICANN, GAC and the WSIS during the ICANN Vancouver Conference

Friday - December 2 - 2005

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan reiterates the MINC philosophy of many years regarding the Internet, WSIS and ICT.

Saturday - November 5 - 2005

Three milestone events bring us imminently closer to a multilingual internet based on legitimacy , respect ,inclusion and local empowerment

Saturday - February 5 - 2005

The United Nations Secretary-General today transmitted the Report of the Working Group on Internet Governance to the President of the Preparatory Committee of the World Summit

Friday - June 10 - 2005

MINC Chairman attends the Consultations on the establishment and setting up of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) held at the United Nations in Geneva on 20 and 21 September 2004

Monday - September 20 - 2004

MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal's Statement, Jan 24th, 2005, MINC in the last 2 years, the next 2 years and MINC Board Elections.

Monday - January 24 - 2005

MINC is invited to attend a United Nations conference on Internet Governance at the UN headquarters in New York March 24-26.

Saturday - October 2 - 2004

MINC particpates in the ITU IDN workshop at Florian—polis, Brazil 5-14 October 2004

Tuesday - October 5 - 2004

10 Aug 2004, Asharq Al-Awsat - International Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat publishes a front page report on Polish CCTLD NASK offer for an apology to the Entire Arabic Community in a letter to MINC Chairman Khaled Fattal for their prior submission of the Arabic language table to ICANN and IANA. Read the Aug 10 2004, Asharq Al-Awsat article. Read the 10 Aug 2004, Asharq Al-Awsat (Arabic pdf 172 KB)

Tuesday - August 10 - 2004

6 June 2004, Asharq Al-Awsat. - International Arabic newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat publishes a report on Polish CCTLD NASK's submission to ICANN and IANA of the Arabic language table which infuriated the Arabic internet and political community all over the world. Read the Asharq Al-Awsat 6 June 2004 article.

Sunday - June 6 - 2004

26 May 2004, Reuters. - Fully Arabized Internet has some way to go. Read the full article.

Monday - May 31 - 2004

26 May 2004, Aljazeera - Wanted: Standard Arabic for the net. Read the full article.

Wednesday - May 26 - 2004